Our Story

Lovingly born in Cape Town, compassionately reaching for the world.

Our Roots

With roots at the tip of Africa, and arms that reach out to embrace the world, bavu is a range of earth-conscious products from one of the world’s design capitals, Cape Town. With a singular name that derives from the Zulu word Bavuselele – meaning to “recycle” – bavu is a brand that upcycles: gently-used wine bottles, which would otherwise have been waste, are lovingly handcrafted into beautiful new creations.

Designed by AGD

Every bavu product is designed and made by the talented team at Architectural Glass Design. Authentic and real, no two bavu pieces are ever quite the same. Each piece of glass is thoroughly cleaned, carefully cut and then delicately sandblasted to etch out the attractive designs and patterns that breathe new life into empty, discarded bottles. By supporting bavu, you are not only supporting the informal recycling project that has been set up to supply Architectural Glass Design with used glass, but you are primarily buying a product that is made with love, and with compassion for our planet.